CA Telon is a Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) application development environment originally conceived and designed by Chris McNeil and Don Christensen in the late 1970s. At the time, McNeil was a software engineering at Liberty Mutual Insurance Company and Christensen was an IBM Systems Engineer contracting with Liberty Mutual. McNeil and Christensen set out to create the code generator we now know as CA Telon to ease the development of the presentation layer on the IBM 3790 minicomputer, but as Telon's functionality grew, so did its popularity in the insurance industry and beyond. 

Since that time, the overall IT landscape has radically changed, and while CA Telon's efficacy has endured, several impactful factors have driven users to look for alternatives.

First, developers familiar with CA Telon are increasingly difficult to find, as most are reaching retirement age. Second, due to the run-time elements of CA Telon, licensing costs continue to accrue, all while its development benefits and integration capabilities with modern platforms fizzle.

Modern Systems' whitepaper covers the current state of CA Telon in the enterprise, bringing you solutions for the most efficient, low-risk way to modernize.